What is GeoDataHub?

In short, GeoDataHub is a fast, flexible, and secure cloud solution for handling your geological and geophysical data sets.

Via the GeoDataHub service you can explore public data sets, upload your own raw data or interpreted geological models, making it effective to collaborate across distances.

Our primary goals are security and reliability. If you wish, you can advertise and sell your data, reaching audiences and customers across the globe. Your data is continuously backed up, stored safe and secure, and is never shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

A geographical web interface to your data

We offer an easy-to-use interactive map for providing you with an overview of geographical data sets. Browse publicly available data sets and your own data at the same time, and filter the results with efficient search methods.

Map example

Try it in action

Navigate to map.geodatahub.dk to see a live and interactive web interface to the GeoDataHub service, demonstrating fast and easy navigation of a public data set containing 200,000+ drill logs.

Powerful data access from your workstation

An effective workflow requires tools that offer fast, reliable, and indispensable functionality, while not getting in the way. We offer a range of feature-rich and open source plugins for reaching these exact goals. Our GeoDataHub plugins provide users with two-way communication with the GeoDataHub data services directly from their favorite work environment, such as the GIS program ArcGIS, and the command line via a Python API:

import geodatahub as gdh
gdh.authenticate("geocorp_john_doe", "<key>")
well_1 = gdh.createWell("water survey #1", lat=-12.2039, lon=54.2039, depth=25)
well_1.addObservation(top=1.3, bottom=10.6, lithology="limestone")
well_1.addObservation(depth=2.4, description="brown clay layer",
                     sample="smp52af", density=2400)
wells = gdh.findWells(lat=-12.2039, lon=54.2039, radius=5e3)

Tell us about your needs!

We are a flexible development development team that is ready to cater for the needs of your users. Please get in touch and we will be ready to discuss your individual challenges and requirements.